About us

About Unioil S.r.l.

With more than 30 years of experience in the sales and the trading of oil products, UNIOIL is a well established operator on both national and international markets.

With headquarters in Milan and a branch office in Budapest, Unioil can count on a team of experts and consultants of wide and proven experience in the field of oil derivatives.

The supply of finished and semi-finished products directly from the main Italian and neighbouring refineries grant an excellent quality and continuous availability of the product.
Unioil has developed over the years a consolidated and extensive network of professionals and partnerships with major suppliers.

Mission & Vision

Missione e Visione di Unioil S.r.l.

The company's objective is to develop and strengthen its trading activities with a special focus on research and innovation.
The network of international partners developed over the years guarantees to clients the very highest product quality at all times and the best economic and logistic solutions.

Unioil’s success comes from an entrepreneurial culture based on transparency and full traceability.

Unioil pays close attention to environmental issues, and in particular towards eco-sustainable products.
Unioil keeps business moving by discovering new ways of serving its clients for their energy needs.




Liquefied Petroleum Gas. LPG is a gas, a mixture of hydrocarbons, stored in liquid form. It is an environmentally friendly source of energy for automotive, industrial, agricoltural and heating sectors.
Unioil’s direct relationship with the key international and home suppliers of LPG grants the availability, the quality and the efficient logistic at any moment.
The Milan HQ together with Budapest branch office operate an efficent and flexible business model for the supply of LPG to its Clients.
The Products are: Propane, Butane, LPG mix, and Normal Butane in different qualities and specifications.

Olio combustibile

Fuel Oil

Since many years Unioil has been an historical operator on the Italian wholesale market, keeping a steady supply from major Northern and Central Italy refineries. The company also sells different grades of fuel oils with different sulfur content and viscosity, blended in various Fiscal Depots.
The products are:
• Fuel Oil with various sulfur content (BTZ 1% and STZ 0,3).
• Fuel Oil 12/13 sulfur 1%
• Fuel Oil 3/5 sulfur 1% (very low viscosity)



The excellent relationship with the major refineries and Depots in Northern Italy, allows Unioil to offer to Clients Gasoil 10 ppm, agricoulture Gasoil and heating Gasoil either wholesale or retail.



Unioil is able to offer a supply of different grades of road and industrial bitumen.



Biodiesel is a sustainable ecological fuel. Its production is obtained through vegetable oils treated with a transesterification process, resulting in a high quality bio fuel.

In November 2019 Unioil has obtained the ISCC EU certification and the Italian National Scheme (NIS), which allows the Company to market Bio Diesel on the international market starting from the first months of 2020.

This new product underlines Unioil’s long term commitment to sustainability.



Sourcing & Sales

Our sales and trading activities are concentrated in the following European Countries:

Italy, Russia, Ucraine, Poland, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia, Bosnia, France, Switzerland, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Sourcing & Sales


Trasports by sea, land and rail organized by UNIOIL are a guarantee for a reliable service.


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